LIFE Magazine November 6, 1964

LIFE Magazine November 6, 1964 James Bond 007 Goldfinger


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Wilson's Attempt to Export a Problem

Pg… 4 Editorials: It May be Heresy, but Let's Listen

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: Only You, Dick Daring! By Merle Miller and Evan Rhodes, Reviewed by Max Wylie

Pg… 15 LIFE Reviews: How Beastly are the British? A Theater Review by C. D. Champlin

Pg… 19 LIFE Reviews: The Brigadier and the Golf Widow, by John Cheever. A Book Review by Charles Jackson

Pg… 31 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 33 The Feminine Eye: Love Songs to the Carburetor. By Shana Alexander

Pg… 34 Holding the Nuclear Trigger: A LIFE Team Goes on a 24–Hour Underground Vigil with the Instant–Firing Minuteman. Photographed by Bill Ray. A World Filled with Tension and a High Whine. By Richard B. Stolley

Pg… 42 How Khrushchev Lost to His Marshals: U.S. Flexibility in Minuteman and Other Weapons Brought on the Premier's Downfall. By Victor Zorza

Pg… 44 Items in the News: Ballet Goes Modern, Peking Style

Pg… 44 Items in the News: Buses Bound for Cuba Take a London Bath

Pg… 44 Items in the News: A Seafaring Prince Gets a Salty Ride

Pg… 44 Items in the News: Nightmare Finish to a Lineman's Dream Run

Pg… 44 Items in the News: TV is Thrown Into Upside–Down Panic

Pg… 55 Gills for a Hamster: Test in a Tank May Soon Help Man Breathe Under Water Like a Fish

Pg… 59 Deaf Football Team: Hands of Gallaudet College Players Talk On and Off the Field. "To a Deaf Boy, the Game Demands His Very Best." By Michel Silva

Pg… 66 Junior Furs from Moscow: Americans Copy Russia's Gay Children's Coats

Pg… 71 ?And Streisand's Grown–Up Furs: The Musical Comedy Star has a Big Collection

Pg… 86 Sartre and Existentialism: A Spurned Nobel Prize Brings the World's Attention to a Lonely Philosophy of Despair. Sartre Deals with Earthly Hells. By Frank Kappler

Pg… 113 Lovable Killer Whale: A Huge Captive Suffers from a Bad Reputation

Pg… 116 Bond Against Goldfinger: Agent 007 Tackles a Solid–Gold Cad Who Wants to Take Fort Knox

Pg… 121 Prairie Schooner in Moscow: Virginia Cowboy's Gay Reception?but no Nikita. By Robert Brigham

Pg… 124 Miscellany: Politicking with Relish

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