LIFE Magazine October 1990

LIFE Magazine October 1990 First photos FERGIE and her babies at home


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Pg… 4 Publisher's Note

Pg… 6 Moments in LIFE

Pg… 16 Letters

Pg… 21 Notes from the Interior, Those who go and those who stay

Pg… 23 A tale of two soldiers, One is the leader of U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia, the other a raw recruit from Nebraska, and together they are resolutely serving America

Pg… 38 "You people don't understand" One American's journey through the chaotic Middle East

Pg… 48 Crowning Glories, The first peek inside Fergie's family photo album

Pg… 60 Magical Teachers, Eight dedicated educators who are making a difference

Pg… 72 The secret world of Pandas, A rare lookat the beloved, and endangered, creatures

Pg… 78 Whitney Houston, After a three–year break she's got her act together–at home and in the studio

Pg… 88 To reach the unreachable child, At a special school in England, children who are both blind and deaf learn not to give up

Pg… 101 Snapshot, A bookish boy

Pg… 102 Just one more

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