LIFE Magazine October 1993

LIFE Magazine October 1993 This Land Is Our Land / Americas Greatest Places


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Pg… 10 The Big Picture, In Columbia, a song of sorrow; in America a leap of joy

Pg… 18 The Little Picture, Amozons appear in England, in the Midwest, buglers make a splash

Pg… 20 Camera at work, Yesterday with the Beatles: a photographic reprise

Pg… 26 Almanac, Two classic comics are born, a telltale heatr beats nevermore, and Houdini disappears for the very last time

Pg… 33 The Florida Keys, Nipomo Dunes in Calafornia, Arizona's San Pedro River, These natural wonders are in trouble, and Americans of all stripes are coming together to preserve our countrys last great places

Pg… 42 When their daughters joined David Koresh's cult, the Andrade family tried everything to get them back. But on their last trip to Waco, they finally had to say goodbye.

Pg… 78 Workaholic Jerry Seinfeld finally takes a vacation. He likes the airplane'sjohn and the nightlife in Paris, but he's not sure he approves of the French diet

Pg… 89 In the midst of all the killing, doctors in Sarajevo–heros in hell–wage a desperate battle to keep people alive

Pg… 102 An American Place Ron Fimrite strolls the streets of San Francisco and finds a lingering bohemianism in North Beach

Pg… 107 My Other Life A talk–show host spends her quiet time in an exotic land on her own making

Pg… 108 On the Job This man stakes his professional reputation on knowing how to recognize the perfect kiss

Pg… 111 Sights Unseen The big guy's got all the hype in the years top movie, but the real credit belongs to a humble unknown

Pg… 115 Hoe Things Work A prestidigitator show how the house always wins in three–card monte

Pg… 119 Pictures to the Editor

Pg… 120 Just One More

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