LIFE Magazine October 22, 1965

LIFE Magazine October 22, 1965 Mary Martin in Vietnam


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Pg… 4 Editorial: A Booming Economy with Only Small Ifs

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: Book: Muriel Spark's The Mandelbaum Gate, Reviewed by Jane Howard

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: Movie: The Little Ones, Reviewed by Eleanor Perry

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: Music: Last Faust at the Old Met, Reviewed by Ron Eyer

Pg… 29 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 30 The Feminine Eye: Broadway Show in a Theater of War. By Shana Alexander

Pg… 32 'Hello, Dolly!'?and a Vietnam Ambush: Mary Martin Tours the U.S. Outposts. Airborne Soldiers are Trapped in "Iron Triangle"

Pg… 38 Busy Backup Man: Vice President Humphrey Winds Up Congress and has a Few Tense Hours. By Richard Stolley

Pg… 42B Items in the News: Sukarno Plays It Cool in a Confused Coup, Britain's Queen Takes a Hike in Scotland

Pg… 47 Disorders in Crawfordville: A Klansman Lets Fly with a Haymaker, Troopers Tackle Negro Students

Pg… 48 A Football First: the Twin Tower Play

Pg… 51 More Boot Camp than Campus: Military Academy in Texas Operates Marine Style

Pg… 61 When America Was Called Vinlanda: Vikings' View of New World Fills a Big Gap in History. By Marion Steinmann

Pg… 70 Bravura Year for Italian Beauty: New Fashions and Lovely Young Women Combine with Old Splendor. Photographed by Milton H. Greene. An Appreciation by Luigi Barzini

Pg… 85 Bad Boy of the Pros: Joe Don Looney is Footballs' Most Talked–About Player. By Marshall Smith

Pg… 92 The Gallant Fight of Pat Neal: After a Triumph, the Tragedy–Haunted Actress Survives a Terrible Calamity. By Barry Farrell; photographed by Leonard McCombe

Pg… 122 New Light on Dolphins: The Navy Wants to Know About Their Built–In Radar

Pg… 128 Miscellany: House with High Overhead

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