LIFE Magazine October 29, 1965

LIFE Magazine October 29, 1965 Saving Temple of Abu Simbel on Nile


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Playing Sugar Daddy to Sugar

Pg… 4 Editorials: Lindsay and New York's Needs

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Movie: The Loved One, Reviewed by Pauline Kael

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Book: A Night at Sea by Margaret Lane, Reviewed by John Bowen

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Music: La Boh?me in Film, Reviewed by Emily Coleman

Pg… 25 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 26 The View from Here: The Suicide that Lives in All of Us. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 28 The Rescue of Abu Simbel: A Great Treasure of Egypt is Saved from the Rising Nile. Photographed by Pierre Boulat

Pg… 34 The Big City Faces Its Decisive Moment: In New York Election, Votes Must Deal with the Crisis that Faces All U.S. Metropolises. By Theodore H. White. Photographed by Cornell Capa

Pg… 40B The Vietnam Protest: The Answer to What Vietniks Call a Moral Issue. By John K. Jessup

Pg… 45 Beauty and the Beast: Rod Steiger and Claire Bloom have a Happily Mismatched Marriage

Pg… 51 A Filigree of Skin: New Grafting Technique Treats Severe Burns

Pg… 57 Great Escapo–Vision in the Sky: There's No Biz Like Jet–Liner Show Biz. By Alan Levy

Pg… 68 An Empire Built on Sex: Hugh Hefner has Become a Huge Success by Creating Playboy and the Bunny. In Hefnerland, Women are Status Symbols. By Diana Lurie

Pg… 89 Old Dog's New Tricks at 66: Fred Astaire Uses His Head to Direct His Feet

Pg… 98 Here's Art in Your Eye: Flamboyant Designs Open New Worlds for Make–Up. Photographed by William Bell

Pg… 104 Medicine: The Presidential Scar: The Convalescing Chief Executive Displays His Stitches. Doctors Show His Gall Bladder and Kidney Stone

Pg… 106 Miscellany: Getting His Just Dessert

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