LIFE Magazine October 30, 1939

LIFE Magazine October 30, 1939 Greatest Dancing Couple Veloz and Yolanda


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Pg… 13 German Hero Tells How He Sank the "Royal Oak"

Pg… 14 ?as British Sea Lords Confidently Muddle Through

Pg… 16 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 17 Imperialist Stalin Dictates to Army Chief

Pg… 18 Senate Winds Up "Great Debate" on Neutrality

Pg… 20 German and British Aviators Show Gallantry in Air Raids

Pg… 22 French Shops Make Art of Window Taping as Deauville Is Deserted

Pg… 24 Gandhi Walks with Moslem Khan: Hungry Chinese Riot

Pg… 78 The Baltic Power Play: an Analysis by Major Eliot

Pg… 27 Admiral Richard E. Byrd

Pg… 52 Paintings by Adolf Hitler: the Statesman Longs to be an Artist

Pg… 55 ?and Helps Design his Mountain Home

Pg… 41 England Mobilizes 1,500,000 Women for War

Pg… 60 Texas Glamor Girls Are Rodeo Stars

Pg… 64 Hollywood Beats Chicago for National Rugby Championship

Pg… 69 Finland: Soviet Russia Crowds a Nation of Democrats

Pg… 80 Animals with Neuroses Give Clue to Human Breakdowns

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 6 Speaking of Pictures: Veloz and Yolanda Dance

Pg… 86 LIFE Calls on Alexander Woollcott

Pg… 88 ?Who is the Hero of a New Play

Pg… 90 Pictures to the Editors

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