LIFE Magazine October 4, 1963

LIFE Magazine October 4, 1963 DNA Molecule Secret of Life


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Let's Move On Sukarno Now

Pg… 4 Editorials: What the Newer Nations Need

Pg… 7 LIFE Guide: How to Rent Art and Where

Pg… 17 Cutter 322's Bad Night: A Coast Guard Ship Tears Up Provincetown Harbor in a Storm. Special Report by Paul Mandel and Ray Kennedy

Pg… 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 24 Did Roy Cohn Lie?: A U.S. Indictment Charges the Late Senator McCarthy's Investigator with Perjury and Conspiracy. By Keith Wheeler and William Lambert

Pg… 32 Soviet Wheat Runs Aground: A Shipwreck of Red Wheat They Can't Spare

Pg… 34 The Fischer Quints Do Just Fine: Mom Goes Home and Their Doctor's Delighted

Pg… 39 Richard Burton Goes Off to New Movie: Liz Comes Along and Sue Lyon's His Co–Star

Pg… 41 A Violin Marks a Deadly Spider: Scientists Tell How to Spot a New–Found Killer

Pg… 42 Good Sound from N.Y. Philharmonic: Changes in the Hall Make Bernstein's Orchestra Sound Good, Finally

Pg… 47 Krebiozen Answer: It's Useless: Government Acts in a Drug Controversy

Pg… 55 Margaret Rutherford at 71: The Famous English Actress Still Kicks Up

Pg… 62 My Daddy's Really a Dragon: Whitney Darrow Jr.'s Funny Book on Freud

Pg… 70 DNA: Key to All Life: Unique Models Explain the Secret of Heredity. Great Prizes for Cracking the Code. By Alicia Hills and Albert Rosenfeld

Pg… 95 'Fair Lady' in Japan: Enry Shiggins Meets Eriza

Pg… 106A Jackie Robinson on the Series: Famous Former Dodger Tells His Old Teammates the Only Way to Beat the Yankees

Pg… 115 Lindbergh and Rocketry: The Lone Eagle was Silent Partner of the American Space Pioneer, Dr. Robert H. Goddard. By Milton Lehman

Pg… 129 Prize for Rudi Gernreich: Fashion Critics' Award Goes to Designer Who Started with Bathing Suits, Now Does High Style

Pg… 133 Small Stars Kid the Boss: LIFE Goes to Premiere of a Movie Made by Youngsters Working for David and Lisa's Director

Pg… 136 Miscellany: Great–Uncle Turns Turtle

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