LIFE Magazine October 8, 1965

LIFE Magazine October 8, 1965 Hawaii 50th State Glowing Tropical Isles

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Pg… 8 Editorials Pg… 18 LIFE Reviews: Books: Days of Shame by Senator Charles E. Potter, Reviewed by David Nevin; The Waters under the Earth by John Moore, Reviewed by Richard P. Brickner Pg… 18 LIFE Reviews: Movie: Repulsion, Reviewed by Kenneth Tynan Pg… 33 Letters to the Editors Pg… 34 The Feminine Eye: A Funny–Ugh Movie. By Shana Alexander Pg… 36 Chinese Patrol on Rim of India: Chinese Sentries Keep Watch as Indians Dig In. Photographed by Bill Ray Pg… 44 Africa Lionizes Astronauts?for Real Pg… 46 Cold–Blooded Killing in Santo Domingo: Startling Picture Sequence of a Soldier Gunning Down a Young Student. Juan Bosch Returns from Exile. By Miguel Acoca Pg… 51 Items in the News Pg… 52 Playlike Wedding Comes True Pg… 55 Jack Hanson Shows You the Girl: Jax’s Boss Knows Why His Clothes Sell Pg… 69 Jeane Dixon’s Prophecies: Best–Seller Excitement Over a Lady Real Estate Agent Who Dabbles in the Occult. By Jane Howard Pg… 81 Neighborhood Row Over Pet Wolves Pg… 84 Hawaii: The Golden Land: Second of a Two–Part Series on the 49th and 50th States. For Hello, Goodby and All that is Good, the Islanders Bestow the Lilting Word Aloha. Photographed by Mark Kauffman. The Happy Flights of an Island Hopper. By Mary Leatherbee Pg… 106B Clara Bow: Death of the ‘It’ Girl Pg… 109 Eduaction: The Child Seller: An Energetic Baltimorian Gets Negro Children Into Exclusive Schools. By Richard B. Stolley Pg… 119 Twin?and Rival?Football Captains Pg… 121 Last Long Look for Danny Dawson: A Brother Ends His Quest for a U.S. Flyer Shot Down by the Vietcong. By Donald Dawson Pg… 134 Great Dinners: Cassoulet: Rich with Meats, Sauces and Herbs, it Displays a Gallic Way with Beans. Battle Plan for the Feast by Eleanor Graves. Photographed by John Dominis Pg… 143 New Boobs by Rube Goldberg: The Famed Cartoonist Turns His Hand to Sculpture Pg… 146 Miscellany: Hang–Up Between Trains

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