LIFE Magazine September 1, 1972

LIFE Magazine September 1, 1972 Bored on the Job Assembly Line


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Pg… 2 The Beat of Life: A Very Enthusiastic Nixonian. Spassky, Joking and Grim. Curtains for a Canyon. A Feast of Lions. Lightning Spectacular

Pg… 12 Editorials: The Big Win. The Official Version. Open Wider, Please. Undeserving Clients

Pg… 24 The High Sign in Miami: 'Four More!': A Burst of GOP Affection for a Thoroughly Predictable Nominee. Daniel P. Moynihan Gives an Authoritative Report on How Richard Nixon Sees His Second Term

Pg… 30 Boredom on the Assembly Line: Industry Contends with a Threatening New Phenomenon. Photographed by Michael Mauney

Pg… 41 'I Gotta Let the Kid Go': Memoirs of a Ballplayer Whose Young Dream Failed. By Paul Hemphill

Pg… 51 Richard Roundtree's Big Score: The Black Star of "Shaft" Strikes It Rich. By Rudolph Chelminksi

Pg… 54 A Broken Life Made Whole: Seventeen Years Ago, Jill Kinmont was Paralyzed in a Skiing Accident. Today She has Won Her Way Back by Helping Others. Text by Jan Mason. Photographed by Burk Uzzle

Pg… 61 Parting Shots: If He Loses, Can Spassky Go Home Again?and Will He? By Brad Darrach. The 56–Pound Rock Throw and Other Olympic Memories

Pg… 14–18 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops on Jean Shepherd's TV Series

Pg… 14–18 Departments: Reviews: William Kennedy Enjoys a Thriller Called "Aswan!" by Michael Heim

Pg… 14–18 Departments: Reviews: Elizabeth Janeway Discusses the Last Volume of Joseph P. Lash's Biography of Mrs. Roosevelt, "Eleanor: The Years Alone"

Pg… 14–18 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel on Woody Allen's Film of the Unfilmable, "All You Wanted to Know about Sex?"

Pg… 20 Departments: 32 Years Ago In 'Life': Wendell Willkie on Main Street

Pg… 23 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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