LIFE Magazine September 14, 1962

LIFE Magazine September 14, 1962 Take-Over Generation Special Issue


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Pg… 4 A RED–HOT HUNDRED: Gallery of Young Leaders of the Big Breakthrough

Pg… 20 THE BRAIN TOOK ME: Encounter with a Computer a Report by Elliott Chaze

Pg… 34 ERUPTION OF SPIRIT: The Drive Behind the Take–Over Generation

Pg… 49 A WORD TO YOUTH: 'Don't Write Off Wisdom' by Edward Streeter

Pg… 54 GLOWING FUTURE: New Breed Innovations and a Whiz Kid

Pg… 76A BRING THE WORD: The Purpose of a Pioneer in a Far–Off Jungle

Pg… 82 RARE BIRD COLONEL: Big Brain Teaches Cadets on a Military Campus

Pg… 86 CRY THE COSMOS: A Provocative Article by Ray Bradbury

Pg… 97 WELDER OF IDEAS: Thoughts Off the Top of Doctor Head

Pg… 102 LADY ENGINEER: More Work for Mother

Pg… 109 THE KNOWLEDGE BOX: A New Way to Teach with an Image Machine

Pg… 115 OOMPAH AFTER HOURS: Highly Creative Hobbies and an Electronic Pacifier

Pg… 29 Letters to the Editors

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