LIFE Magazine September 17, 1965

LIFE Magazine September 17, 1965 India Pakistan Shock of New War


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Mao’s Blueprint for Chaos Pg… 4 Editorials: The Seductive Odor of Pork Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Movie: The Great Race, Reviewed by Richard Schickel Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Book: Marguerite Young’s Miss Macintosh, My Darling, Reviewed by Leon Edel Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Theater: Drama Explosion in East Europe, by Henry Popkin Pg… 27 Letters to the Editors Pg… 28 The View from Here: Hot Pursuit of Turnpike Flyers. By Loudon Wainwright Pg… 30 Tinkerbelle’s Run to Glory: Robert Manry Photographs and Writes About His Single–Handed Voyage Across the Atlantic Pg… 40 Beautiful Kashmir Torn by War: The Armed Conflict Between India and Pakistan Spreads with Frightening Speed Pg… 49 Bill Buckley, Candidate: The Conservative Runs a Tongue–in–Cheek Race for Mayor of New York Pg… 57 Tape–it–Yourself TV: Industry Cranks Up a New Pastime with a Big Future Pg… 65 British Fashion, Dizzier than Ever: Birds, English Telly and Op Make the Scene as English Designers Work for U.S. Prices Pg… 71 Paratrooper’s School for Cheerleaders: A Tough Drillmaster Yells at Pretty Girls Pg… 78 Control of Life: Part 2: Gift of Life from the Dead: a Man Without Kidneys Gets One in Transplant Pg… 90 Goodby at Lambarene: Albert Schweitzer is Buried at His Jungle Mission. By Rudolf Chelminski Pg… 96 Everything’s Up to Date in Kuwait: One Out of Every 468 Citizens in This Desert Sheikdom is a Millionaire. By George de Carvalho Pg… 111 Jules Feiffer’s Prolific Pen: The Cartoonist is Busy Writing Books, Making a Movie and Giving Lectures Pg… 116 LIFE Great Dinners: Vegetable Soup: An Old Favorite Bubbling in a Pot is Ideal for the Cool Season. Photograph by Mark Kauffman. Battle Plan for the Feast by Eleanor Graves Pg… 122 Miscellany: As the Beatles were Saying?

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