LIFE Magazine September 18, 1939

LIFE Magazine September 18, 1939 Britian Goes To War


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Pg… 15 Germans Beat British–French in First Week of Propaganda

Pg… 16 Major Eliot Reports on the Polish Campaign

Pg… 18 German Tanks Push Poles 150 Miles In Seven Days

Pg… 20 French vs. The Westwall

Pg… 22 Generals Gamelin and Gort Lead Allies to War

Pg… 23 The Western Front

Pg… 24 Sinking of the "Athenia"

Pg… 26 American Neutrality: Legion Commander Says Stay Out of War

Pg… 28 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 64 Submarines: Germany's Commerce Raiders Resemble U.S. Navy's "R 14"

Pg… 74 The Week the War Began: A Retrospective Close–up

Pg… 75 Beltsville: Research Center Helps Farmers Grow Food for World at War

Pg… 40 Germans Live Substitute Lives

Pg… 31 Postilion Hat is Season's Dark Horse!

Pg… 38 Girls Legs on Campus Go Scottish

Pg… 34 Sidney Waugh Designs America's Finest Modern Glass

Pg… 56 Gloria Jean Makes Good as "Second Deanna Durbin"

Pg… 50 Ted Allen Wins Horseshoe Meet

Pg… 48 Girls Shoot in National Target Matches

Pg… 51 London Moves Its Art Treasures From Range of Enemy Bombers

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 8 Speaking of Pictures: Air–Raid Shelters

Pg… 82 LIFE Calls on Winston Churchill

Pg… 86 Pictures to the Editors

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