LIFE Magazine September 1982

LIFE Magazine September 1982 Liver Transplants


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note: Instead Reports and Societies Outsiders.

Pg… 7 The View from Here: Reflections on the Harvesting of Organs by Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 9 Camera at Work: An Intimate Look at African Elephants by German Photographer Reinhard Kunkel.

Pg… 16 Letters.

Pg… 19 Portrait: Christie Hefner, Playboy's New President Is No Dumb Bunny by Jennifer Allen.

Pg… 22 Desperate Wait for a New Liver: Donor Organs Are Still at a Premium. But a Surgeon's Success Rate Is up Thanks to a New Drug.

Pg… 31 The Man Who Blitzed Beirut: a Frank Talk with Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon about His Campaign to Destroy the PLO.

Pg… 44 Defenders of the Jungle: a Coasta Rican Rain Forest and Its Wildlife Are Saved for Posterity with US Funds.

Pg… 55 LIFE Visits Dustin As "Tootsie": In His First Role since the Oscar, Dustin Hoffman Plays a, Gulp, Female Soap Star

Pg… 60 In a League of Their Own: for the Wives of the Milwaukee Brewers, Life in the Majors Is Not Always the Ball

Pg… 70 Long, Longer… Longest? Long Jumper Carl Lewis Is within 6 Inches of an "Unbreakable" World Record.

Pg… 74 Love in a Silent World: A Young Couple Bridges Chasm of Communication in the Deaf Culture by Ian Fadiman.

Pg… 90 Funny Females in the Funny Pages: Four Witty Women Cartoonists Bring a New Dimension to a Newspaper Comic Strip.

Pg… 98 Life around the World: England's Little Smasher…. Death in the Desert for Khomeini's Holy Horde… Angry Battle for Jobs in Nebraska.

Pg… 104 Just One More. : Cover Photographs by Ergun Cagatay

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