LIFE Magazine September 1988

LIFE Magazine September 1988 Paul Newman Dream Camp for Kids


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Pg… 4 Publisher's Note.

Pg… 7 Snapshots.

Pg… 14 Letters.

Pg… 19 Interview: George Michael, a blow–dried British pop star brings his "white soul" to the U.S.

Pg… 24 Cover: Newman's Own, the actor opens a Wild West Camp for children with life–threatening illnesses

Pg… 32 American Landscape: Diaries from the Drought, poignant accounts by farm families

Pg… 40 Life Visits: Bernstein at 70, music–making keeps the erstwhile wunderkind. "Immortal"

Pg… 46 Politics: Duke, in Atlanta, the nominee galvanizes his party for the race to the finish.

Pg… 50 Special Report: Symposium, pundits ponder the politics of '88

Pg… 60 Close–Up: Jesse and Jesse, the straightest talk yet from the charismatic Jackson.

Pg… 66 Theater: Oh Rats, It's Rachel! With her shiny pate and squeaky pet, a performance artist does it her way.

Pg… 68 Adventure: Following the Footsteps of Marco Polo, trekking across Asia, the intrepid westerner finds himself in a seven–century timewarp

Pg… 74 Family: One Babies Price, a mother's account of her sojourn in a shadowy corner of the adoption market

Pg… 82 Sports: Obsessed, Dennis Conner puts winning the cup about friendship, religion and sex.

Pg… 86 Hotspot: Hermit Kingdom, as South Korea prepares to host the Olympics, photographer explores its reclusive northern neighborhood.

Pg… 94 Medicine: The Divine Curse, a Mennonite family interprets the tics of Tourette's syndrome and Gods work.

Pg… 104 Science: The Floe of History, frozen clues to global warming.

Pg… 106 Music: That Gibson Girl, upbeat loves pied–piper.

Pg… 108 Miscellany. : Cover: photographs by Bob Sacha

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