LIFE Magazine September 1993

LIFE Magazine September 1993 The Year of Killer Weather


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Pg… 12 THE BIG PICTURE An American girl bears witness: Yemeni women do lunch.

Pg… 20 THE LITTLE PICTURE A flighty couple join hands: Japanese women get physical.

Pg… 22 ALMANAC A new Bobby Fischer scores at chess, an. old Nixon with Checkers. And some Oklahoma prisoners ride off into the sunset.

Pg… 30 DISCOVERY The Force of Nature First Hurricane Andrew, then the March blizzard, torrential floods along the Mississippi, a devastating drought in the southeast. Does atomic know what's doing with the weather?

Pg… 38 THE WAY WE LIVE A Week Off from AIDS An unusual summer camp provides families with a welcome respite front the painful realities of a deadly disease.

Pg… 50 LIFE SPECIAL Inside the House on the Hill Two centuries after George Washington laid the cornerstone. The U.S. Capitol's 541 moms pulsate with patriotic life and legend.

Pg… 62 FACE TO FACE The Marriage of Mrs. & Mr. Erma Bombeck The best–selling sage of domestic life is not the only one with a sense of humor as 44 happy years attest.

Pg… 68 JOURNEY The Great White Chief An American finds a meaningful life in the Amazon jungle as the head of a Cofan Indian tribe.

Pg… 76 ON THE JOB They're cute, they're perky, they're eager to please?and they've hung in longer than Marla Maples.

Pg… 78 MY OTHER LIFE An ace competitor shows there's more than one way to be a model athlete.

Pg… 80 AN AMERICAN PLACE Bil Gilbert explains why Montana's Chalet. National Park represents the best we can be.

Pg… 84 HOW THINGS WORK A high–tech –tilt train– compensates for curves and could make U.S. mail travel a faster proposition.


Pg… 88 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by Kent Wood Inset. Peggy Sirota

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