LIFE Magazine September 1998

LIFE Magazine September 1998 The Best Thing I Learned in School / 10 Ways you can improve American education


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Pg… 34 The Henzel's Summer: Conjoined twins Abby in Britty our eighth know, and pretty fine baseball players. Photography by the Henzel family

Pg… 43 Zapruper Rewound: The famous moving picture of John F. Kennedy's assassination is back in the news

Pg… 50 What I Learned in School: Famous Americans look back on their formative years. PLUS: an Rx for education today

Pg… 62 Rocket Boys: Young men, the lure of space–an unforgettable American story from the upcoming book. Photography by Randy Berez

Pg… 68 Human/Nature: Two artist explores the interaction of people in landscapes. Photography by Virginia Beahan and Laura McPhee

Pg… 76 The Simple Life: Eustace Conway, Pioneers/naturalist/missionary, wants to share his secrets with you. Photography by Patrick Cariou

Pg… 83 Going Home: after 26 years, the remains of Vietnam's "Unknown." Soldier make their final journey. Photography by Manuello Paganelli

Pg… 94 Inner Beauty: A pageant in New Jersey empowers young women to find their best selves. Photography by Dana Lixenberg

Pg… 10 Editor's Note: Can you–or anyone–know what really happened on November 22, 1963?

Pg… 12 Letters: On the subject of teenagers, readers vote to accentuate the positive

Pg… 18 The Big Picture: A silent reproof to marchers in Northern Ireland; the impact of an undersea earthquake; a celebratory kiss of South Africa's President Mandela

Pg… 104 A Day in the Life: Airline mechanic Doug Dixon hits the hangar for an evening shift. Photography by Robb Kendrick

Pg… 106 Just One More: In wartime England, combat was in the skies, not on the ground : Cover: Tony Bennett, Martha Stewart, Al Roker, Courtney Cox

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