LIFE Magazine September 29, 1961

LIFE Magazine September 29, 1961 Dag Hammarskjold Funeral in Africa


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Pg… 42 STORY OF THE WEEK: The Empty Chair of Mr. U.N. Leaves a Fight on the Floor and a Fire in the Field. How and Why Hammarskj?ld Died, with a Report on U.N.’s New Nations by John Mulliken, a Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Pg… 54 NEWSFRONTS: The Bum’s Rush in Britain?JFK and the Latins Talk and Russians Wonder Why?Strauss, Bonn’s Herr–Apparent?The Bomb and the U.S. Mood?De Gaulle and a Citizen’s Kiss Pg… 4 EDITORIAL: Great Creed Demands Fulfillment Pg… 82 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: Robust Life of the Shang: the Oldest Civilization in the Far East is Revealed in Rich Chinese Treasures Pg… 101 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Up, Up and Way Out?Free Enterprise in Space: A.T. & T. Goes Into Orbit with a Communications Satellites. Photographed for LIFE by Yale Joel Pg… 112 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: The Intricate Balance of a Happy Marriage. Part IV, Concluding LIFE’S Series on Love and Marriage. By Ernest Havemann Pg… 139 SPOTLIGHT: Power and Glory of Sir Laurence Olivier in the Role of a Wayward Priest. Photographed for LIFE by Howard Sochurek. Pg… 65 DEPARTMENTS: Sequel: Return of a Deposed Saint Philomena Pg… 68 DEPARTMENTS: Adventure: Skin Divers Take Part in a Wrestling Match with an Octopus Pg… 73 DEPARTMENTS: Fashion: Fair Weather Boots for Any Hour Pg… 78 DEPARTMENTS: Comedy: Couple of Loony Cops in a New TV Series Pg… 97 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: “I Tried not to Think About It”: the Nerve–Racking Last Chance to Beat the Babe’s Record. By Roger Maris Pg… 21 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: a Family’s Fate?to Battle Niagara. By Warren R. Young Pg… 29 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to Cookbooks for All Tastes, Mark Twain’s Home, Festivals, Music Pg… 16 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors Pg… 146 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Getting Ahead on Water

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