LIFE Magazine September 6, 1954

LIFE Magazine September 6, 1954 Dior Paris Fashion Flat vs. Buxom


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Pg… 8 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Despite Dior, the Shape Stays Shapely After All, Photographed for LIFE by Mark Shaw

Pg… 17 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Little Leagues Produce Bigtime Bubble

Pg… 18 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Strong Man Vargas' Suicide Sets Brazil on Fire

Pg… 22 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Taunted Tiger Mars Marilyn Maxwell

Pg… 24 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Young Pro Wolfson Threatens Old Pro Avery

Pg… 29 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Italy's Grief?and Tribute to De Gasperi

Pg… 33 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 10 EDITORIALS: British Wisdom at Home

Pg… 10 EDITORIALS: British Folly Abroad

Pg… 91 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Three Mormon Towns, Photographed for LIFE by Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams

Pg… 60 ARTICLE: Dr. Edward Teller's Magnificent Obsession, by Robert Coughlan

Pg… 39 SCIENCE: Wet Blanket for Aerial Blowups

Pg… 44 EDUCATION: A German Girl Breezes Thru College

Pg… 51 MOVIES: Rock Hudson and Sara Shane Take a Turn

Pg… 102 MOVIES: "The Egyptian"

Pg… 59 BUSINESS: Ingredients for an Automobile Merger

Pg… 79 RELIGION: New Leader for the World Council

Pg… 86 SPORTS: A U.S. Tennis Future in Kids

Pg… 2 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: Aerial Joke Produces Photos of Frightened Secretary

Pg… 4 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 108 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Goes Picnicking in a Public Park

Pg… 112 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: The Picture of Spit and Polish

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