LIFE Magazine September 6, 1963

LIFE Magazine September 6, 1963 Civil Rights March Leaders Randolph and Austin

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Pg… 4 Editorials: Pork Lovers are No Credit to Our Democracy?and Congress has Work to Do

Pg… 7 LIFE Guide: For Sidewalk Superintendents, a Catalogue of Supersights; Land–Rush Days and Lady Song–Belters

Pg… 17 The Slow–Poke Pitchers: They Make Baseball Games Drag On and On. Special Report by Ernest Havemann

Pg… 19 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 20 The Washington March: Negroes Stage a Mighty Protest and Challenge the Country's Conscience

Pg… 30 Suicide by Fire: Another Buddhist Burns Himself to Death in Vietnam, and a Tough U.S. Troubleshooter Moves In

Pg… 30D The 17–Foot Vault: John Pennel Sets a New World's Record

Pg… 30F Items in the News: Pitcher Warren Spahn Makes Acting Debut. Communists Kidnap a Soccer Star. A Space–Age Pogo Stick Takes a Trial Hop

Pg… 33 Drama in the Mines: Two Buried Miners are Hauled Safely to the Surface in Pennsylvania, but an Explosion Traps 25 Others in Utah

Pg… 38 Events of the Week: A Trestle–Tunnel Highway Nears Completion Across Chesapeake Bay. World's Heaviest Ship's Propeller Gets a Final Polishing

Pg… 43 The Cliff Jumpers: Australians Take Up a Scary Sport

Pg… 50 Clutter is Back in Style: Empty the Attic Again and Fill Your House with "Things." Photographed for LIFE by Milton Greene

Pg… 59 Erhard Steps Up: West Germany's Economic Miracle–Maker Prepares to Take Over from Adenauer as Chancellor. By Robert Brigham

Pg… 66A Contessa Christina: An Audacious Beauty Wants Attention?and She Certainly Gets It. Photographed for LIFE by Pierre Boulat

Pg… 73 Henry Moore on the Shore: The Sea Provides the Perfect Setting for the Famous British Artist's Sculpture

Pg… 78 Cure for Blinding Virus: A New Drug Conquers the Herpes Simplex

Pg… 80 The Enigmatic Lancaster: This Movie Actor is Many Different Men?and They All Add Up to a Huge Success. By Shana Alexander

Pg… 87 Rockefeller in Arkansas: Winthrop Throws a Big Party to Celebrate a Decade of Doing a Lot for His Adopted State

Pg… 94 Miscellany: There's an Empty One Now!

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