LIFE Magazine September 7, 1962

LIFE Magazine September 7, 1962 Caroline Kennedy on Macaroni


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Pg… 20 STORY OF THE WEEK: Riddle of an Embattled Phantom. A Playboy Who Turned Into a Secretive, Besieged and Lonely Man. By Thomas Thompson

Pg… 4 EDITORIAL: Fresh Troops Join the Battle of the Bard

Pg… 30 NEWSFRONTS OF THE WORLD: Dance of a Twister

Pg… 30 NEWSFRONTS OF THE WORLD: Caroline Becomes a Celebrity

Pg… 30 NEWSFRONTS OF THE WORLD: Gags at the Goldwyn Gala

Pg… 52 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: The Abiding Truths of Our Town. Photographed for LIFE by Michael Rougier

Pg… 70 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Assassin Disarmed by Love: the Case of a Soviet Spy Who Defected to the West. By John L. Steele

Pg… 79 ART: Sculpture Alfresco in Spoleto

Pg… 39 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: Three for the Money?Player, Palmer, Nicklaus

Pg… 49 DEPARTMENTS: Animals: Cat on a Cold White Alp

Pg… 13 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Air for Piccolo and Cannon. By Alix Kerr

Pg… 9 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Guide to Aquariums, Books, Festivals, History, Movies

Pg… 17 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 86 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Don't You Ever Knock?

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