LIFE Magazine Winter 1996

LIFE Magazine Winter 1996 HOT for the ROAD 100 Years of the Automobile / Collectors Edition

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Pg… 11 An American Love Affair: The USA Is a Nation on Wheels – like It or Not.

Pg… 28 She Drives like a Man: From the Get–Go, the Automobile Liberated Women.

Pg… 52 Dashboards: the Cockpit Is the Soul of the Machine.

Pg… 74 Turn up the Beach Boys: The Culture of the Car Begins with Backseat Rites of Passage.

Pg… 88 Show Me Some Muscle: In the Beginning, There Was the GTO. Then Not '60S Peeled out.

Pg… 110 The Future Is Electric: A Non–Polluting Vehicle of the 21st Century Will Run on Hydrogen.

Pg… 116 Just One More.

Pg… 18 Birth of the Motor Car.

Pg… 36 An Industry Grows.

Pg… 60 the Home Front.

Pg… 80 Boomtime.

Pg… 95 Reinventing the Wheel. : Cover: 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

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