LIFE Magazine April 11, 1960

LIFE Magazine April 11, 1960 Silvana Mangano


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Pg… 1 Cover: Laying a Yugoslav girl whose brief love for a German soldier brands her a collaborator, Italian star Silvana Mangano does a bathing scene

Pg… 32 The Week's Events: In a land torn by fury, South African blacks bury their martyrs as the crisis grows. For the Afrikaners, 300 years of build–up to bitter dilemma. By Gene Farmer

Pg… 42 With historic photographs from space, Tiros begins a new world of weather

Pg… 49 A look at the World's Week

Pg… 57 Swank Yank in Bulgaria reopens the U.S. legation after 10 years

Pg… 81 Rocky's fight on fallout: New York governor plugs his plan for shelters

Pg… 44 Editorials: The bridge to Sharpeville

Pg… 44 Editorials: The Cork bobs back

Pg… 86 Pictorial Essays: Folklore of America, Part IV: legendary feats of the pioneers are glorified in the tall tales they told. Paintings for LIFE by James Lewicki

Pg… 121 Pictorial Essays: The Niagara dig, biggest ever in the U.S.: canyons are carved out of stone for a $750 million hydroelectric project. Photographed for LIFE by Fritz Goro

Pg… 58 Articles: A wild three–way tumble through simulated space helps teach mastery of space controls. Part III of LIFE's series on the Astronauts' training. By Captain Virgil Grissom

Pg… 113 Articles: Plot, counterplot on flyways to Cuba: Anti–=Castro pilot says a double–deal downed right plane but the wrong men. By Richard Billings

Pg… 140 Articles: Prodigious intellect in solitary: impenitent killer Robert Stroud, who is famed for his treatise on birds, has a new hope for freedom. By Paul O'Neil, LIFE staff writer

Pg… 70 Music: A cargo of kids for the art: young opera cast in Virginia enacts and animals that Noah saved

Pg… 105 Fashions: Bikinis move into bedrooms: skimpy beach style takes over in sleepwear

Pg… 129 Sports: Four men on a horse: Baltimore hackies who bought a filly gain a windfall when she wins at 70– 1

Pg… 135 Business: $75,000 investment in a voice: record company puts on costly campaign to make a teen–age idol our of Rod Lauren

Pg… 157 Party: Merry time for mayhem masters: famous mystery writers come for cocktails all decked out for murder

Pg… 18 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: strange changes in old London

Pg… 160 Other Departments: Miscellany: walking on the railroad

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