LIFE Magazine April 12, 1963

LIFE Magazine April 12, 1963 Helen Klaben Ordeal in Yukon


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Foreign Aid is a Good Long–Term Policy Tool 4Editorials: To Ivan in Cuba: Now Hear This!

Pg… 8 LIFE Guide: A Bountiful Spring Crop of Art. British Dancers, German Writers, Dutch Musicians

Pg… 15 Horseplayer's Big Repeat: Ernest Havemann, Who Won $61,908 at Caliente Only Last January, Tells in a Special Report How?Incredible as It Might Seem?He Did It Again

Pg… 17 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 18 Sea Raiders Hit Cuba: Pictures and an Eyewitness Account of a Commando–Style Foray to Sink a Russian Freighter. The U.S. Cracks Down on Cuban Exiles

Pg… 26 Miners Face Down De Gaulle: The French President Yields to End Fifth Republic's Worst Strike

Pg… 28 Items in the News: Dick Gregory Takes a Hand in Mississippi. In London the Bobbies Take One in a Bruising Complication of the "Christine" Affair

Pg… 30 For Easternauts, Eggs OK!: Industrial Design Students Go Into Orbit to Solve a Classroom Problem

Pg… 37 Potential P.M.?a Puzzle: The U.S. Takes a Look at Harold Wilson Who Soon May Move Into Britain's No. 10 Downing Street?and Some British Wonder Where He Stands. By Timothy Green

Pg… 41 Sweet Singers from Korea: An Orphan Choir Charms Americans

Pg… 52 Great Art Rediscovered: In Remote Yugoslav Churches Remarkable Paintings of the Middle Ages Emerge from Beneath Centuries–Old Layers of Soot and Whitewash. Photographed for LIFE by Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo

Pg… 63 Readers Join a Debate: Letters to LIFE, Provoked by an Editorial on Bible Reading in the Schools, Add Lively Comments to Controversy

Pg… 68B Ordeal in the Yukon: Brooklyn's Helen Klaben and a Pilot Survive a Plane Crash and Spend 49 Days in Frozen Wastes of the Far North

Pg… 81 The Phony Tax–Lovers: Swindlers Make a Good Thing Out of Filing Returns on Income They Never Earned. By Keith Wheeler

Pg… 87 Hedda Hopper Lets Go: The Irrepressible Columnist Adds to Her Published Indiscretions with a New Book

Pg… 91 Shoot–'Em–Up in Thin Air: Sir Isaac Newton Practically Wrote the Script for Ripcord, a Wild TV Series Built Around the Parachuting Free Fall

Pg… 95 Whooping Argument: Zookeeper has Trouble Adding to His Flock of Nearly Extinct Cranes

Pg… 98 Miscellany: Tired, Let–Down Feeling

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