LIFE Magazine April 17, 1939

LIFE Magazine April 17, 1939 Hildegarde


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Pg… 13 Twenty Years After, America Ponders its World War Lesson

Pg… 16 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 17 Britain's Soldiers Man Her Anti–Aircraft Guns

Pg… 18 A Kansas Oberammerergau Sings "Messiah"; The British Government's Call to the Colors

Pg… 19 A Devoted Daughter Bids a Dead Cuban Goodbye: Illinois Elections Bring Out Biggest Vote

Pg… 20 Mussolini Destroys His Ally Albania

Pg… 22 Musical Chemists Stage Ballet of the Atoms

Pg… 24 A New Aircraft Carrier is Added to U. S. Defenses

Pg… 26 India's Champions of the People Squabble at National Congress

Pg… 28 Shore is Slugged as Fight Marks End of Hockey Season

Pg… 72 Hildagarde: A Milwaukee Girl is a No. 1 Bet for Television

Pg… 56 Thomas Mann: Germany's Foremost Literary Exile Now Speaks for Freedom and Democracy

Pg… 60 Langley Field: Future of U. S. Aviation Depends on its Engineers and Wind Tunnels

Pg… 44 New Yorkers Stand in Line to See Dali's Six–in–One Surrealist Painting

Pg… 46 Young America Paints

Pg… 48 Mating Season of Alaska Fur Seals Begins at World's Largest Rockery

Pg… 33 Cockfighting Makes Bloody Spectacle

Pg… 36 "All–American Redheads" Complete a Nationwide Basketball Junket

Pg… 68 "Dodge City" Has a Dodge City Premiere

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 6 Speaking of Pictures: A Camera Mimics Degas' Paintings

Pg… 78 LIFE Goes on a Picnic with a Miami Boy and Girl

Pg… 82 Pictures to the Editors

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