LIFE Magazine April 18, 1938

LIFE Magazine April 18, 1938 Paulette Goddard


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Pg… 13 The Congress of the U. S. to the President of the U. S.: "NO!"

Pg… 16 Speaking of Dictators

Pg… 18 Business: Steel, Spinach, Car, Farm

Pg… 20 Much Music is Made in St. Louis

Pg… 22 French Labor Gets a Charter

Pg… 24 Battleship Wins Grand National

Pg… 26 The Austrians Learn how to do the Nazi Salute

Pg… 32 Japan Sleeps at Feet of China's Gods

Pg… 33 An Indian Princeling Takes up the Koran

Pg… 34 Fannie Brice: a portrait of Billy Rose's "Mona Lisa"

Pg… 44 Winter Wings Over the Sierra Nevada

Pg… 60 TaxCENTinels Corner Troy's Pennies

Pg… 64 English Masks for Singers and Strikers

Pg… 46 The Jews: Their Passover, Their History and Their Problems

Pg… 28 "The Flower of Flatbush" Loves Gary Cooper in "Marco Polo"

Pg… 39 The Super Chief: Isometric Views of Santa Fe's Fastest Train

Pg… 42 Spring Problem: Hips

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 6 Speaking of Pictures: Bachrach Beauties

Pg… 56 People

Pg… 66 LIFE Goes to a Party with a Brazilian Cocoa King

Pg… 70 Pictures to the Editors

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