LIFE Magazine April 18, 1960

LIFE Magazine April 18, 1960 The Elopers: Gamble and Andrei


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Pg… 1 Cover: Lifted by her husband–to–be in Wilmington, Del., Gamble Benedict looks forward to her new life as Mrs. Andrei Porumbeanu

Pg… 19 Week's Events: On the road with the romantic runaways–LIFE's exclusive report on the elopement, marriage and honeymoon

Pg… 26 Night watch on Wisconsin: famous people across the land keep a late vigil for the primary vote

Pg… 28 A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 30 London's heart opens to an old ally: De Gaulle is overwhelmed by pomp and sentiment

Pg… 39 Terrorism for both races in South Africa

Pg… 45 Buddha and a man from Bonn: Adenauer tirelessly tours Japan's temples and countryside

Pg… 50 A rich display for moving day: $35 million in jewels gets transported to a new showroom on Fifth Avenue

Pg… 52 Help from afar for Agadir: airlift from Oakland brings aid to earthquake victims

Pg… 37 Editorial: The Lord's Prayer

Pg… 76 Photographic Essays: The pleasures of spring come to Central Park right in the heart of teeming Manhattan. Photographed for LIFE by Leonard McCombe

Pg… 113 Photographic Essays: Dr. Tom Dooley's mission: he does good deeds but has some critics. Photographed by Don Dravens

Pg… 126 Article: Odds–on bet: next woman you see will wear the "big–eye look." the latest fashion cooked up by the booming U.S. beauty business. By Stephen Birmingham

Pg… 49 Religion: A prince of the church at prayer: the new Negro cardinal from Tanganyika in Rome

Pg… 105 Religion: Steelworkers' Passion Play: Their rugged features befit their biblical counterparts

Pg… 55 Nightclubs: A singing comic on the way up: Nancy Dussault projects a gallery or outrageous characters

Pg… 61 Fashion: A stylish starching in organdy for spring bonnets

Pg… 69 Art: Poignance of the Easter story caught by Rembrandt's sketches

Pg… 87 Architecture: Spectacular shapes of concrete: Mexico's Candela builds inventive low–cost structures

Pg… 93 Medicine: A zoo vet tries out a tranquilizer on a ferocious 40 –pound lynx

Pg… 99 Movies: Suspense for Simone Signoret: she is the most nervous person in the house just before winning her "Oscar"

Pg… 141 Party: Ninety friends just dropped in so a host in Texas throws a gaudy weekend gambol for his friends from all over

Pg… 10 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: smiles to suit shapes

Pg… 144 Other Departments: Miscellany: brother act that flopped

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