LIFE Magazine April 1980

LIFE Magazine April 1980 Hare Krishna Religion Children


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Pg… 6 Editor's Note

Pg… 9 Camera at Work : Prize snaps of '79

Pg… 16 Letters.

Pg… 25 Portrait: Earl Weaver, by Robert Ward.

Pg… 32 Arsenal of the '80s: lethal punch for ground war.

Pg… 44 Children of a Harsh Bliss: a Hare Krishna community is raising its own on a farm in West Virginia.

Pg… 56 The Horns of a Dilemma: rhinos are endangered by poachers.

Pg… 64 The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper: by P.D. James

Pg… 85 Beginnings of Color: from the first lantern slides to filtered photographic processes.

Pg… 98 Grim World of the Soviet Dissident: the KGB has a special program for political agitators.

Pg… 111 Eric of the Silver Skates: his Olympic glory past,Heiden glides ahead

Pg… 117 Off–the–Wall Architecture: "De–architecture" is catching the public eye.

Pg… 123 Sissy Grows up: Spacek goes country as Loretta Lynn in coal Miner's daughter

Pg… 129 Life around the World: Rising Violence in Turkey.

Pg… 130 Life around the World: A Retiring Queen in the Bosom of Her Family

Pg… 133 Life around the World: Giant Leap for U.S. Pride

Pg… 136 Life around the World: Wet, Wet Winter on the Coast.

Pg… 138 Life around the World: A Future Emperor Comes of Age.

Pg… 140 Life around the World: Escape from a Fiery Crash.

Pg… 142 Life around the World: In Zimbabwe, the Sweet Taste of Victory.

Pg… 144 Just One More. : Cover photograph of Hare Krishna children by Ethan Hoffman

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