LIFE Magazine April 23, 1971

LIFE Magazine April 23, 1971 Jane Fonda


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Pg… 22 The Case That Will Not Go Quietly Away: A Second Round of Public Opinion on Lieutenant Calley is Heard

Pg… 28 Cancer Breakthrough: A New Test Detects the Disease in Its Earliest Form. By Jill Hirschy

Pg… 32 Instant Millionaires from the Basketball War: Competition Between the NBA and the ABA Balloons the Bidding for Rookies. Sam Schulman, the Man Who May Force a Merger of the Two Leagues. By Dave Fisher

Pg… 38 Idaho's Rugged Backlands: The Animals, the Birds and the Harsh Beauty of One of America's Great Untouched Areas. Photographed by John Dominis

Pg… 50 Jane Fonda, Nonstop Activist: The Actress Turns to Radical Politics and Speaks Out Relentlessly on Behalf of Almost Everything from Peace to Panthers. Photographed by Bill Ray. "I Suspect She Wants to be Vanessa Redgrave," by John Frook

Pg… 56 The Steins and Their Great Collection: With an Eye for the Daring, Gertrude Stein, Her Brothers and Her Sister–in–Law Became Patron Saints of Modern Art. By Tom Prideaux

Pg… 66 Here Comes the Circus: Thrills and Nostalgic Razzle–Dazzle of the Big Show. Two Clowns, by Edward Hoagland

Pg… 71 I, Polluter: Jane Howard Tells PARTING SHOTS Why She is a Menace

Pg… 2B Departments: The Presidency: Something Different this Spring. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 6 Departments: Gallery: Lennart Nilsson Explores the Crystalline World of Hormones

Pg… 10–15 Departments: Reviews: Joseph Kastner Comments on "The White Flower Farm Garden Book"

Pg… 10–15 Departments: Reviews: Calvin Trillin on Irving Stone's Latest Literary Event

Pg… 10–15 Departments: Reviews: Ronald Gross Reviews "How To Survive in Your Native Land," by James Herndon

Pg… 10–15 Departments: Reviews: Michael Halberstam on "The Gerber Report," an Investigation of U.S. Medicine by Alex Gerber, M.D.

Pg… 20A Departments: Letters to the Editors

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