LIFE Magazine April 25, 1938

LIFE Magazine April 25, 1938 Brooklyn Dodger John Thos. Winsett Baseball


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Pg… 13 America Listens to the President's Fireside Chat

Pg… 18 Richard Whitney Becomes Sing Sing's No. 94,835

Pg… 20 Overseas Highway to Key West

Pg… 24 A Spanish Army Corps Flees over the Pyrenees to France

Pg… 30 England's Royal Princesses Get a Swimming Pool

Pg… 33 Washington Interiors: Little Men in Big Offices

Pg… 28 At Phraaspa Parthians Turned Rome Back in 36 B.C.

Pg… 52 English Printer Invents a "Pre–Sown Lawn"

Pg… 47 "Test Pilot"

Pg… 50 The Strange Case of Jackie Cogan's $4,000,000

Pg… 54 Canton, Ohio Honors U. S. Marbles Champion

Pg… 56 Baseball: 7 to 10 on Yanks, 3 to 2 on Cubs

Pg… 58 Diving Champ Makes "Grand Slam"

Pg… 61 Reshevsky Defends His Chess Title

Pg… 62 New York Gives Sculpture a Place in the Sun

Pg… 2 Speaking of Pictures: Griffith Movies

Pg… 6 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 22 People

Pg… 43 Released For Publication: Daffodil Girls

Pg… 66 LIFE Goes to a Party in San Quentin Prison

Pg… 70 Pictures to the Editors

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