LIFE Magazine April 25, 1955

LIFE Magazine April 25, 1955 Prime Minister & Lady Eden


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Pg… 16 Speaking of Pictures: Yila's Photographs Recall Lifetime's Work

Pg… 20 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 27 U.S. Again is Subdued by Davy: American Kids have a New Hero as Disney's TV Crockett Series Suddenly Catches On

Pg… 34 The Confident Democrats Rally: If Spring Comes, Can 1956 Campaign be Far Behind?

Pg… 36 Polio Vaccine Gets Go–Ahead: Doctors Hear the Cheering Statistics

Pg… 38 A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 45 Editorials:In World Trade Our True Interest is More of It

Pg… 45 Editorials:In the Immigration Row the Real Issue is an Evil Law

Pg… 48 Drive–In Sitathon: Disk Jockey Becomes a "Personality" on Screen

Pg… 53 A $100,00 Prize for an Apology: Iowa Town Gets Award for Righting a Wrong Matter of Race Prejudice

Pg… 57 Eletronic Cancer Spotter: Color Pictures Show how a New Device Finds Abnormal Cells Quickly to Permit Large–Scale Detection

Pg… 59 What Kind of Prime Minister Will Sir Anthony Be? A Prediction by Veteran Political Correspondent Andre Laguorro

Pg… 66 The T–Shirt's Colorful New Cousins: Cotton Knit has Come Up

Pg… 71 Hard Work at Hip Wo: In Chinatown, San Francisco, Some U.S. Children Give Up Playtime Hours to Keep Up a Contact with Ancestral Culture

Pg… 79 Wow of a Plow: 10–Ton Farm Tool Cuts Six Feet Deep to Reach Rich Soil

Pg… 83 Trip for an Old Church: Detroit's Century–Old Mariners' Episcopal Travels 880 Feet in Three Months

Pg… 89 TV's Busiest Dance Man: Butler Scales Work to Fit the Screen

Pg… 99 Inside Job On a Maw: A Giant Plaster Head Gets Thorough Going Into

Pg… 104 The Blue Grass Country: A Beautiful Part of Old Kentucky is Seen at Its Flourishing Best. Color Photographs for LIFE by Bradley Smith

Pg… 115 Which Degas is the Duplicate? An Original Bronze Casting is Worth $8,000; Its New–Process Copy Sells for $75

Pg… 118 Blue–Green on the National Scene: Mrs. Eisenhower's Pretty Dress Appears in Wardrobes from Washington, D.C. to Washington State

Pg… 129 Modern Cousin to Oldtime Minstrel Show: Paul Gregory's "3 for Tonight" is a Broadway Hit with 19 Stools Its Principal Props

Pg… 137 A Lively World's Last Days: The Polish Americans at Detroit and Their Old–Country Culture. A Photographic Essay by John Dominis

Pg… 148 Rare Moments in Bigtime Golf: Cary Middlecoff Makes an 80–Foot Putt and Runs Away with the 1955 Masters Tournament

Pg… 156 A 100–Year Lifetime in Sight: In LIFE'S Article the Findings of a Foremost Expert Shows New Ways to Longevity, by Robert Coughlan

Pg… 174 World's Biggest World: A 28–Ft. Globe Helps Visualize Global Planning

Pg… 176 Miscellany: A Boy in His Cups

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