LIFE Magazine April 26, 1963

LIFE Magazine April 26, 1963 Jackie Kennedy Growing Up Photo Album


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Pg… 4 Editorial: "The Future Is Ours"?Pope John XXIII

Pg… 12 LIFE Guide: How to Get Bow Legs on a Dude Farm and Coax Stubborn Trout

Pg… 19 On a Hot Line, Who's Central?: An Exploration of the Problems and Pitfalls of a New Status Symbol. A Special Report by Paul Mandel

Pg… 23 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 26 Jackie Growing Up: Album of the Sunny Young Lifetime of the First Lady, Who is Expecting Her Third Child

Pg… 34 First View of the Bali Volcano: The Surging Flow of Lava as Recorded by Our Photographer

Pg… 36 Adenauer at Bay: The Predicament of the Great Chancellor with a Distaste for All Successors

Pg… 38 The Football Gamblers: Pro Stars Hernung and Karras are Fired

Pg… 43 Watch Out for Tainted Tuna: The Government Tracks Down the Poisonous Cans

Pg… 49 The Frisky White Kangaroos: Remarkable Pictures of a Rare Animal

Pg… 58 Lovley Girls in Water: A Color Essay by Don Ornitz

Pg… 68A Art Inside Art: A Collector Specializes in Curious Double Takes

Pg… 73 A Crucial School Row: Paradise, Calif. Splits Asunder Over a Teacher Who Believes in the Classroom as a Free Market Place of Ideas. A Student Tries to Trap Her with a Hidden Tape Recorder. Photographed for LIFE by Bill Ray

Pg… 86 Matinee Idol Any Minute: The Rise and Shine of Robert Goulet. By Dora Jane Hamblin

Pg… 97 Perils of Wearing a Coronet: A Young British Honorable Miss Writes a Provocative Book About Life Among the Island's Gentry

Pg… 101 Mysterious Maya: a 1,300–Year–Old Skeleton Poses a Riddle of the Past

Pg… 107 Bardot's Own Bowler: A French Symbol Tries on a Cross–Channel Symbol and Starts a Fashion Fad

Pg… 110 Miscellany: Pilloried Pup

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