LIFE Magazine April 3, 1964

LIFE Magazine April 3, 1964 Carol Channing in Hello Dolly


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Urgent: Law on Succession

Pg… 4 Editorial: Aid Trouble in France, Too

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Night Must Fall, a New Movie Edition of the Classic Thriller, Reviewed by Richard Oulahan. Shirley Ann Grau's New Book, The Keepers of the House, Reviewed by Joan Williams. John Hersey's Play, The Child Buyer, Reviewed by Tom Prideaux

Pg… 25 Kangaroo Trouble in Palm Beach: The Fashionable Resort has Been All Hopped Up Over Joey. Special Report by Jane Rieker

Pg… 26 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 28 The Press Halts a War: As Greeks Battle Turks at a Cyprus Village, Journalists?Led by TIME–LIFE Correspondent George de Carvalho?Impose a Truce

Pg… 36 A Volcano's Violence: As Lava Erupts in an Icelandic Sea, Lightning Puts on a Wild Show Overhead

Pg… 38 State Department Beatles: A Young Diplomat Retouches Pictures of His Superiors with the Famous Hairdos

Pg… 38B Items in the News: Big George Reedy is L.B.J.'s New Press Secretary. Lady Bird Visits a Rocket Center. Astronaut Wives Campaign for John Glenn

Pg… 43 Salinger Shoots for the Senate

Pg… 44 Riot in Jacksonville: Reporter Tells How It Feels to be Beaten Up. By Michael Durham

Pg… 46 Unwarranted Contact Lens Scare

Pg… 51 New James Bond Movie: In From Russia With Love an Unlikely Actor Portrays the Suave Spy. By Shana Alexander

Pg… 60 America's Wild Flowers: Photographer Farrell Grehan Goes On an Odyssey in Fields and Woodlands

Pg… 65 Museum for 'Wholesome' Art: Millionaire Huntington Hartford Opens New York Gallery for Paintings that He Likes

Pg… 71 The Man Who Bucks De Gaulle: Mayor Gaston Defferre of Marseilles Runs for President of France. By Hugh Moffert

Pg… 78B School for Poverty's Children: New York Starts a Bold and Promising Program for 4–Year–Olds. Photographed by Burk Uzzle

Pg… 90 The Great Soybean Scandal: $150 Million in Phantom Oil Shakes the Business Community. By Paul Mandel

Pg… 107 What a Hello for Dolly: Carol Channing Carries Off a Musical and Feats of Fake Eating. By Tom Prideaux

Pg… 114 Miscellany: This Means Yuo

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