LIFE Magazine April 3, 1970

LIFE Magazine April 3, 1970 Lauren Bacall Hits Broadway


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Pg… 26 Fall in for Mail Call: The Underpaid Mailmen Stage Their First Strike and Troops Man the Sorting Boxes in New York's Post Offices

Pg… 30 Cambodia and Laos: Prince Sihanouk Falls from Power, the Communists Strike Out Across the Plain of Jars and Serious New Possibilities for U.S. Involvement Open Up in Southeast Asia. A Report from Laos by Hugh D. S. Greenway

Pg… 40 Memories of Big Country: The Cowboy was Right for His Time, but Times have Changed. "If You Wanted a Cowboy to Quit, You'd Just Give Him a Shovel," by Donald Jackson. Photographed by John Loengard

Pg… 54A Bacall Tries a Musical: A New Version of "All About Eve" is Called "Applause," and It's for Lauren. By Barry Farrell

Pg… 57 Mr. Bellow's Planet: Novelist Saul Bellow Considers the State of Art and of Life, a Close–Up by Jane Howard

Pg… 63 A Doomed Balloon Voyage

Pg… 66 Inside Holy Loch: A Visit to a U.S. Polaris Submarine Base. By Richard B. Stolley

Pg… 4 Departments: The Presidency: The Return of Pocketbook Politics. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 8 Departments: Gallery: Anthony Mauer's Child on a Swing

Pg… 15 Departments: Comment: Walt Disney's Psychedelic "Fantasia." By William Zinsser

Pg… 18 Departments: Review: Shirley Hazzard's Novel "The Bay of Noon," Reviewed by Melvin Maddocks

Pg… 22A Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 22B Departments: Column: The Repression in the Mirror. By Barry Farrell

Pg… 72 Departments: Parting Shots: Smokey the Bears

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