LIFE Magazine April 5, 1963

LIFE Magazine April 5, 1963 Greek Wars: Spartans Stand at Thermopylae


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Unblock that Merger Track!

Pg… 4 Editorials: Two New Ways to Curb Juvenile Delinquency

Pg… 10 LIFE Guide: A Summerful of Overseas Music Festivals, Plus Some Sights in the U.S. and Some Books

Pg… 15 The Grandeur Man: A Parable About a Big Neighbor Named Charlie. Special Report by David Snell

Pg… 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 22 Liquor Scandal in Rocky's State: In 16 Pages of Pull–No–Punches Pictures and Text, a Team of LIFE Reporters Exposes the Shocking Corruption in the New York State Liquor Authority

Pg… 32 Volcano's Awesome Cough: Photograph Taken Close to the Crater Catches Costa Rica's Mt. Irazu at the Moment of an Eruption

Pg… 34 American Bride in Sikkim: Hope Cooke of Manhattan Weds the Crown Prince of a Himalayan Kingdom and Becomes His Maharaj Kumari

Pg… 36 Ordeal in the Yukon: A Brooklyn Girl and a Mexican Pilot Survive for 47 Days in a Winter–Raked Wilderness

Pg… 41 Death of a Champion: Boxer Davey Moore Loses His World's Title, and then His Life

Pg… 47 Ear–Splitting Zoo Act: New York's Bronx Zoo Acquires Some Acrobatic Gibbons with Their Own Built–In Loudspeakers

Pg… 55 The Garbo Garb: Styles Once Worn by the Great Swedish Star Burst Into Vogue?and with Them, a Model Who is Gorgeously Garboesque

Pg… 78 Greece V: Wars of Destiny: In This Part of LIFE'S Series, Two Great Historians Help Tell of the Spartan Stand at Thermopylae and the Glorious Defeat of Xerxes at Salamis?and Go on to Narrate the Fratricidal Struggle Which Sent Greece Into Its Decline. Paintings for LIFE by Stanley Meltzoff

Pg… 113 A Victory for Edie: Ernie Kovacs' Widow Overcomes Despair and Bankruptcy?and Finds, in Herself, Talents Long Covered Up. By Peter Bunzel

Pg… 119 Barnyard How–to–Do–It: A Delightful Children's Book Gives Step–By–Step Lesson in the Way to Lay an Egg

Pg… 129 Great Steel Sculptor: David Smith Creates Metal Works of Art that Make Him Famous?and Fill the Fields Around His Home

Pg… 134 Miscellany: She's Got Me Doing It

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