LIFE Magazine August 17, 1953

LIFE Magazine August 17, 1953 Hollywood Wittlinger Sisters


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Pg… 17 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: It's Rhubarb Time at the Ball Park

Pg… 21 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Mother Photographs Her Minute–Old Baby

Pg… 22 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Big Switch is Open

Pg… 24 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Wings Over Wall Street

Pg… 26 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Murder on the Turnpike

Pg… 28 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Governors' Session at Seattle

Pg… 33 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Double Jeopardy at Sea

Pg… 35 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 39 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Justice Grinds Exceeding Fine

Pg… 44 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Jammed Scout Jamboree

Pg… 20 EDITORIALS: A Good Guide for Congress

Pg… 20 EDITORIALS: Charity Vaunteth Not Itself

Pg… 69 ARTICLE: Europe on Less than $28,411, by Bill Mauldin

Pg… 93 PICTORIAL ESSAY: I Became a Citizen, Photographed for LIFE by Leonard McCombe

Pg… 50 ART: The Louvre

Pg… 87 FASHION: New Head Hold

Pg… 102 MOVIES: Happy Little Wittlingers

Pg… 7 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 10 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: The Death Charge of an African Lioness is Caught in a Terrifying Photograph

Pg… 108 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Goes to a Friendly Feud

Pg… 116 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Pug Slups Lollipops

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