LIFE Magazine August 18, 1961

LIFE Magazine August 18, 1961 Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris Yankees Baseball


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Pg… 28 STORY OF THE WEEK: The President's Brother Takes a Trip?with the Special Kennedy Flair: Bobby Kennedy Attends the Elaborate Independence Ceremonies in the Ivory Coast

Pg… 36 NEWSFRONTS: New Blaze Rages in the West?Titov Returns from Orbit?Dillon Triumphs at Punta del Este?Still Another Skyjacking

Pg… 44B EDITORIALS: Magna Carta Unfulfilled

Pg… 44B EDITORIALS: Code of 1880 in Railroads

Pg… 47 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: The Art of China?a Rare Collection from Formosa Displays the Timeless Serenity and Grandeur of an Ancient Art

Pg… 62 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Math Muscles in on the Race Against Ruth?the Odds on Mantle and/or Maris Breaking Babe Ruth's Home Run Record

Pg… 74 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Straight Talk on Sex and Growing Up: a Famous Columnist Gives Frank Advice to Youngsters and Their Parents. By Ann Landers

Pg… 93 SPOTLIGHT: A Daffy Tinge Binge?Some Lovely Ladies with a Passion for Colors: Snares and Hassles in Hair Circles; King–Sized Cowpoke on the TV Range

Pg… 7 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Americans Talk Too Much: After a Spell of Successful Spying in the U.S., a Former Communist Agent Finds Americans Easy Prey for Espionage. By Pawel Monat

Pg… 19 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to Zoos Across the Country, Records, Sports, TV

Pg… 22 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 100 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Recouping a Heady Loss

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