LIFE Magazine August 1981

LIFE Magazine August 1981 Best Swimming Holes


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Pg… 4 Editor’s Note. Pg… 7 The View from Here: a lifetime with Mr. Jefferson, by Loudon Wainwright. Pg… 10 Camera at Work: the puzzling case of the faked photographs. Pg… 19 Portrait, Philip Glass, composing classics from Raga to rock, by Todd Brewster Pg… 28 Letters. Pg… 32 The Forbidden Line: from Norway to Turkey, the Iron Curtain seals off the people of the Soviet bloc. Pg… 53 Strike Robs Greatest Base Thief: Montr?al Expos Tim Raines’s record–breaking streak is checked––for this year. Pg… 61 Francis Ford Coppola: The Movie Man Who Plays God, by Aaron Lathman Pg… 77 Young Turks of the Radical Right: a new breed of conservatives makes waves in Washington. Pg… 84 What Makes Janet Tanner Tick? A woman executive reaches for power at the top. Pg… 92 Eye Under the Knife: runaway advances in ophthalmic surgery Pg… 100 Last One and Is a Rotten Egg: a gallery of the greatest U.S. swimming holes Pg… 110 Life around the World: England’s Long hot Summer. Pg… 112 Life around the World: Gypsy Moths, same time next year. Pg… 114 Life around the World: President goes a–courtin’ Pg… 116 Just One More. : Cover photograph by Co–Rentmeester

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