LIFE Magazine August 1993

LIFE Magazine August 1993 Can We Keep Mom Home / ELVIS Young and Innocent


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Pg… 10 THE BIG PICTURE A desperate voyage to freedom runs aground in New York City; Annapolis grads show why they like Navy life.

Pg… 19 THE LITTLE PICTURE Another prince loses face, and a bouncy sister act scores big.

Pg… 22 ALMANAC The atomic bomb explodes. Krakatau erupts. And a WWI veteran still burns rubber in his red Corvette.

Pg… 28 THE WAY WE LIVE When Mother Needs Mothering Robyn has a husband, kids, a job. and an aging parent. The story of a woman's battle to balance her own life with the needs of the mother she loves.

Pg… 38 LIFE SPECIAL Private Elvis Never–before–seen photos of the '50s favorite soldier boy during his tour of duty in Germany

Pg… 50 JOURNEY Millions of Monarchs Each winter these delicate creatures stream thousands of miles south to Mexico?a trip that may soon come to an end.

Pg… 58 FACE TO FACE Wynton Marsalis To talented young horn players he's the pied piper. For jazz aficionados he's raising the form to an astonishing new level.

Pg… 68 DISCOVERY The Physics of Fear Why you can hang upside down on a roller coaster, nearly lose your lunch and still (barely) come out alive

Pg… 74 HOW THINGS WORK The arsenal of artillery that a female mosquito uses to attack her victims is bloody complicated.

Pg… 76 MY OTHER LIFE It isn't just the budget crisis that makes House Speaker Tom Foley work up a sweat.

Pg… 78 AN AMERICAN PLACE The boys of summer mingle comfortably with Indian braves in Cooperstown, home base for two American legends

Pg… 82 ON THE JOB Michael Jordan took a big gamble with her. So did Bruce Willis. And some losers keep coming back for more.

Pg… 84 SIGHTS UNSEEN Al Florence's Uffizi Gallery, a terrorist's bomb makes it brutally clear that even immortality doesn't last forever.


Pg… 88 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by Dana Fineman

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