LIFE Magazine Elton John + Dick Clark + Paul McCartney + Fleetwood Mac + FREE Aug.1994

LIFE Magazine August 1994 Woodstock Remembered


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Pg… 8 The Big Picture: Once, it was in the cards for North Korea's Kim II Sung; world citizens unfurl a rainbow pride

Pg… 18 Almanac: A dream is born in the nation's capital; American fantasies thrive under the stars; and a gunslinger demonstrates a dangerous poker face.

Pg… 28 Camera at Work: Toba Pato Tucker's Native American portraits celebrate the enduring traditions of a noble past.

Pg… 32 LIFE Special: 20–5 years later, the rock stars who made would stack the symbol of the generation and go back to the Garden. An anniversary photo album by Gregory Heisler.

Pg… 48 Face to Face: Thanks to a happy marriage and renewed political vigor, Ted Kennedy find some peace.

Pg… 60 Journey: In Africa, seeing–eye children sacrificed their youth to guide their blind parents through life

Pg… 66 Discovery: Where do they go each year? And why? A portfolio of the animal kingdom's beautiful travelers explores the majesty and mystery of migration.

Pg… 79 My Other Life: The fastest woman alive has designs on an American icon.

Pg… 80 An American Place: Time stands still in Saratoga Springs, home of elegance, culture–and speed.

Pg… 82 Sites Unseen: It's dark inside. It's claustrophobic. And if you get in too deep, you may be swept away.

Pg… 84 On the Job: This scion of the showbiz family really knows how to sink his teeth into a role

Pg… 87 Pitchers to the Editor

Pg… 88 Just One More. : Cover photographs by Gregory Heisler : Joni Mitchell : Crosby, Stills and Nash. : Thought, Who's Roger Daltrey

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