LIFE Magazine August 1996

LIFE Magazine August 1996 What Really Happened on Mt. Everest


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Pg… 52 The Way We Live: Meet a Family That Stays Together: a Four–Generation Claim Shares Love, Support and a Hilltop.

Pg… 32 Journey: Even Everest's Most Seasoned Climber's Risk Death on the Mountain. Exclusive Interviews with Survivors of the Recent Tragedy. Scott Fisher's Final Roll of Film.

Pg… 62 LIFE Special: Is California over? Once It Was Seen As a Promised Land. But Then the Disasters Began to Pile up.

Pg… 49 Face–To–Face: The World's Top Female Matador Doesn't Take Any Bull

Pg… 74 LIFE 60 Years: Long after the Peace Treaties Are Signed, the Faces of War Haunt Us Still.

Pg… 8 the Big Picture: China Rounds up the Usual Suspects; Mastering the Art of Walking on Water.

Pg… 20 Almanac: Salute to Highfliers in the Midwest; a Trailblazing Athlete Dashes a Dictator's Hopes; Last Act for Legendary Quartet.

Pg… 26 LIFE Goes to… Senior Olympics, Where Athletes Shave Seconds off Their Time – and Years off the Way They Feel

Pg… 82 Camera at Work: on Coney Island, Andy Levine Reels in the Catch of the Summer.

Pg… 88 Just One More. : Cover: Climbers Ascend Everest, Just Hours before the Fatal Storm Photographs by Neal Beidleman

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