LIFE Magazine August 1998

LIFE Magazine August 1998 Weather / What can you do about it


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Pg… 10 Editor's Note: How's the weather out there?

Pg… 12 Letters: Remembering the General Slocum; a case of redeye; a reader wonders, what's so great about mother nature?

Pg… 16 The Big Picture: Grief for a fallen friend; a former presidents day in court; tourists gather where witch–hunts wants raged

Pg… 32 Essay: Relax. Read. You're among friends. The book club is the new hearth at which we gather to warm our hands

Pg… 102 A Day in the Life: Garbage collection in scenic Seattle photography by Alice Wheeler

Pg… 104 Just One More: In 1942, General Douglas MacArthur was the subject

Pg… 38 Weather: Wildfires, Flash Floods, Tornadoes. Thousands of lives and homes lost. What, the world asks, is next?

Pg… 55 Doggie Day Care: For man's best friend: TLC, 14 hours a day photography by Theo Westenburger

Pg… 58 El Duque: Orlando Hernandez, Cuba's great pitcher, flees his homeland and embraces the balls of America. Photography by David Graham.

Pg… 69 The Carousel: Artist Red Grooms prepares his latest creation – a merry–go–round – for its Nashville debut. Photography by Enrico Ferorelli

Pg… 72 When I Learned to Dance: With science and faith, a young man overcomes an extraordinary deformity. Photography by Ben Van Hook

Pg… 82 Reminders: The manner of grief: in a small New England town, residents take individual path to recovery. Photography by James Rexroad

Pg… 96 Manta Ray's: Aliens from the undersea planet, photography by David Doubilet : Cover: An F5 Tornado Hits Oakfield Wisconsin in July 1996, Photography Don Lloyd

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