LIFE Magazine August 23, 1963

LIFE Magazine August 23, 1963 Frank Sinatra and son Frank Jr.


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Longer March to Real Equal Rights

Pg… 7 LIFE Guide: This Summer's Fairs have Everything: Recordings of Divas and Custer Art

Pg… 11 Lincoln Too Lost a Son: Willie, Who Died in the White House, was His Father's Favorite. Special Report by Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt

Pg… 15 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 16 Greatest Train Robbery: In a Scotland Yard Thriller, a Commando–Style British Gang Robs a Mail Train of $7 Million

Pg… 24 Europe Spurs U.S. Poultry: New Tariffs Keep Turkeys and Chickens from Going to the Common Market

Pg… 27 People in the News: Ike Goes Back to Normandy. Senator Kefauver's Constituents Pay a Last Visit. McNamara Defends the Bomb–Test Ban. McGinnis Runs Into More Trouble with His Railroads

Pg… 28 A Tame Leopard Turns Wild: In One Jump, a Docile Pet Suddenly Shows Its Black Heart

Pg… 28B Three Happy Couples: Rex Harrison Gets a New Eliza, Robert Goulet Joins Carol Lawrence in a Permanent Duet. Dick Tiger and His Manager Earn a Champion's Belt

Pg… 31 Help for the Brain–Injured: A Maverick Method Gets Dramatic Results by Having Patients Return to Their Babyhood. By James Delay

Pg… 42 Eisenstaedt's Vineyard: The Famous Photographer has Spent 25 Years of Vacations Taking Pictures of the Island He Loves, Martha's Vineyard

Pg… 54 The Italian Man: Engaging and Exuberant, He Thinks that Both He and the World are Great. Photographed for LIFE by Paul Schutzer

Pg… 63 Plan for Washington March: As the Nation Uneasily Awaits the Civil Rights Demonstration, the Leaders Work Out the Myriad Details. By Warren R. Young and William Lambert

Pg… 73 Barbie Doll's Huge Success: The Biggest Seller in History Boasts a Wardrobe that Can Cost $136

Pg… 77 Another Singing Sinatra: Frank Jr. Comes on Singing Like His Father?Who Gives Him Some Rare Advice

Pg… 80 Miscellany: Water Mess She Made

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