LIFE Magazine August 30, 1943

LIFE Magazine August 30, 1943 Anthony Eden & Dog Nipper


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Pg… 23 The Week's Events: Where Do We Go From Here?

Pg… 36 The Week's Events: Editorial

Pg… 106 Close–Up: Anthony Eden, by Noel F. Busch

Pg… 86 Photographic Essay: Missouri River

Pg… 39 Foreign Affairs: The Victoria Cross

Pg… 47 Science: Spiders Spin Thread for Gunsights

Pg… 54 Theater: Summer Successes on Broadway

Pg… 61 Movie: "Heaven Can Wait"

Pg… 69 Books: c/o Postmaster, by Cpl. Thomas R. St. George

Pg… 79 War Living: Farm Kids Produce Food for Fighting Nations

Pg… 97 Aviation: Precision Bombing

Pg… 127 Music: Songs the Soldiers Sing

Pg… 2 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 8 Other Departments: LIFE's Reports: The Capital's Cabbies, by A. B. C. Whipple

Pg… 12 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Aircraft Carrier Signals

Pg… 120 Other Departments: LIFE Visits Shangri–La

Pg… 130 Other Departments: Pictures to the Editors

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