LIFE Magazine August 9, 1963

LIFE Magazine August 9, 1963 Harriman and Krushchev Meeting After Treaty


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Let's Make the Test Pact Go for Us

Pg… 13 Fine–Feathered Landlord: A 100–Year–Old Parrot with a Dock–Walloper's Vocabulary Ties Up the Best Property in Town. Special Report by Russell Sackett

Pg… 14 LIFE Guide: Modern Art on View in City Buildings; a Pet Show and All the Corn You Can Husk

Pg… 17 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 18 U.S. vs. Russia in Afghanistan: Firsthand Report on "Competitive Coexistence" as the Cold War Takes a New Turn. Text and Photographs by James Burke

Pg… 28 Behind the Scenes at the Treaty Talk: Averell Harriman Nails Down an Agreement on Nuclear Tests?and Tells How He Did It

Pg… 30B Portraitist of Presidents: Louis Fabian Bachrach, Head of a Famous Family of Photographers, is Dead?and He Leaves an Illustrious Gallery

Pg… 30D People in the News: Mickey Mantle Pulls Up Lame Again. Jean Kerr's Mary, Mary Passes a Milestone, New Boss of Manned Space Flights Looks Askance at the Moon

Pg… 34 Cathedral's Big Birthday: Fireworks Light Up the Seine as Paris Commemorates 800th Anniversary of Notre Dame

Pg… 39 Million–Dollar Headache: Never Too Late, the Play Nobody Wanted, has Become a Broadway Gold Mine. By Tom Prideaux

Pg… 48 Mellon's English Art: Great U.S. Collection is Unveiled, Showing a Gracious Way of Life and Art

Pg… 57 Beware of Bug Bites: Some Insects are Deadly. How to Fight Back and Stay Unstung

Pg… 62A Earthquake in Skopije: With Dust Sill Flying in Yugoslav City, a Photographer Records the Shock and Terror. A Belgian Couple Who Were Buried Alive Tell Their Story

Pg… 75 Racial Trouble–Shooter: An Intimate Report on Burke Marshall, Bobby Kennedy's Man in the Middle. By Robert Wallace

Pg… 83 Lively Look for Lingerie: Underwear Stylists Borrow from the Movies and Animals

Pg… 87 The Littlest Kennedy: Uncle Jack Says "Good Baby" as Bobby's Son is Christened

Pg… 90 Miscellany: I Dream of Jeanie?

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