LIFE Magazine December 1, 1972

LIFE Magazine December 1, 1972 Harry Truman by Margaret Truman


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Pg… 36 'This Is My Battle Station': With Henry Kissinger at the Paris Peace Talks

Pg… 58 See Larry Run! Run, Backs, Run!: Larry Brown Leads a Host of NFL Running Backs Toward Their Best Year Ever

Pg… 68 After the Presidency: A Second Excerpt from Margaret Truman's Biography of Her Father

Pg… 91 The Law Takes Five Sons Away from Home: An Iowa Family is Torn Apart "for the Good of the Kids"

Pg… 98 Unlovely Lookalikes: Some Extraordinary Movie Doubles Lose World War II All Over Again

Pg… 86 Rope Art?a New Form

Pg… 6 Departments: Beat of Life

Pg… 12 Departments: The Presidency

Pg… 20–28 Departments: Reviews

Pg… 32 Departments: 21 Years Ago In 'Life'

Pg… 35 Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 44 Departments: Editorials

Pg… 66 Departments: Consumer Watch

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