LIFE Magazine December 13, 1943

LIFE Magazine December 13, 1943 Citizen of Sinkiang China


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Pg… 27 The Week's Events: The Fight for Tarawa

Pg… 36 The Week's Events: Editorial

Pg… 38 The Week's Events: Whisky Shortage from Coast to Coast

Pg… 40 The Week's Events: Rare White Cocker Spaniel is Born in California

Pg… 43 The Week's Events: Axis Newsreels Show Axis Strength

Pg… 57 Articles: Rationing and Price Control, by Chester Bowles

Pg… 104 Articles: U. S. S. Borie's Last Battle, by John Hersey

Pg… 94 Photographic Essay: Sinkiang

Pg… 49 Science: Harvard's Eateria

Pg… 69 War Living: Three Servicemen's Wives Triple Up

Pg… 76 Dance: Alexis Smith Turns Dancer

Pg… 81 War: Psychological Warfare

Pg… 87 Animals: Artificial Breeding

Pg… 118 Movies: "Madame Curie"

Pg… 2 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 12 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: The Old Hell Is Still the Best

Pg… 16 Other Departments: LIFE's Reports: The Bombing of Berlin, by John Scott

Pg… 126 Other Departments: LIFE Goes to a London Beauty Contest

Pg… 130 Other Departments: Pictures to the Editors

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