LIFE Magazine December 1979 | Special Issue

The 70s | Special Issue | The Decade in Pictures


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Pg… 9 Windows: A glorious 200th for us Pg… 20 Voices: Watergate. Pg… 31 Voices: Vietnam. Pg… 35 10 Years: A year–by–year looked at the decades great news story Pg… 60 Voices: Seventies speak Pg… 65 Time Capsule: Artifacts and fashions–especially T–shirts–tell it like it was. Pg… 75 Body and Soul: Physical fitness as a religion, or vice versa Pg… 86 Voices: Numeral Uno Pg… 91 Oil Made the Bedouin King: The Arabs got the power and the Shah lost the glory Pg… 103 Hedonistic Heaven of the Boom–Boom 70s: by Tom Wolfe. Pg… 117 Voices: Critics at large Pg… 120 Favorites: Our sports and entertainment stars. Pg… 134 I Am Woman: She set off on a march of equality. Pg… 140 Voices: Women Pg… 145 Legends to Remember: Obituaries. Pg… 155 White House Blues: by Hugh Sidey Pg… 161 Heaven and Earth: Scientific breakthroughs and breakdowns from Jupiter to 3 mile Island Pg… 170 Voices: Spaceship Earth. Pg… 175 Bit Players: They grabbed our attention for a headliner two Pg… 180 Bad Moments: Prize–winning photographs of the 70s Pg… 192 Good Moments. Pg… 200 Just One More. : On the Cover: faces of the 70′ s decade

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