LIFE Magazine December 1988

LIFE Magazine December 1988 Pricilla Presley and Elvis Daughter Lisa Marie


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Pg… 13 Editor's Note.

Pg… 17 Snapshots.

Pg… 28 The View from Here: Mad about Maps by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 33 Interview: Vernon Walters, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations assesses its role as peacekeeper

Pg… 38 Letters.

Pg… 42 Newsmakers: Saving Gray's, the world rallies to icebound whales

Pg… 46 Cover: Elvis' Baby, an exclusive interview with Lisa Marie and her mom, Priscilla Presley.

Pg… 58 Enterprise: Hooking Goal That Sea, Hot in Cape Cod Bay, a giant blue fin tuna ends up as sushi in Tokyo

Pg… 64 Legacy: JFK Undimmed, the Kennedy Library keeps his memory vivid after 25 years

Pg… 70 Portfolio: Years of Tears, photographer David Turnley documents the grim reality of apartheid in South Africa.

Pg… 76 The Big Picture: The Meaning of Life, philosophers, pundits and plain folk ponder what it's all about.

Pg… 101 America Abroad: Yanks in China, why five ex–patriots feel at home behind the bamboo curtain.

Pg… 112 Medicine: Children Made Whole, realistic–looking prostheses transform the lives of limbless children.

Pg… 120 Anniversary:Cr–ss W–rds, a puzzle turns 75 and LIFE offers a brain teaser

Pg… 126 Close–Up: Fruit Tramps, photographer Herman Emmet captures nine years in the life of a migrant family

Pg… 143 Art: Face–Lift, restoring an Egyptian treasure.

Pg… 150 LIFE Teaches: Dinosaurs, the new breed of paleontologist is making old theories extinct.

Pg… 158 Crisis: Suicide by Garbage? As the U.S. is deluged by millions of tons of solid waste, Seattle digs out… Ms. Clean, a born–again environmentalist and her ways––for a week.

Pg… 179 Homage: Boon Companions, a staunch friend of writer Henry Miller turns his house into a shrine.

Pg… 186 Christmas Gift: Pickups Tale by Edwin Schlossberg.

Pg… 192 Miscellany. : cover photograph by John Zimmerman

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