LIFE Magazine December 1994

LIFE Magazine December 1994 Who Was He? Solving the mystery of Jesus


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Pg… 14 The Big Picture: A tragic death becomes a source of life; the wonder of a solitary ramble through space; fans cheer her remarkable losing streak. All Life Unfolds: On the 25th anniversary, a stroll along (a heavily populated one) Sesame Street. Pg… 32 Camera At Work: A down–home photographer captured the spirit of another era on his tracks through Appalachia’s Blue Ridge Mountains Pg… 40 Almanac: One lottery nobody wanted to win; a fleet of motorcycles fit for a millionaire; rolling along with an American tradition Pg… 56 Eyewitness: When the world isn’t watching, O.J. Simpson’s lawyers are doing everything they can to save their client from prison. A LIFE exclusive. Pg… 62 Meanwhile, the LAPD goes through O’J’s White bronco, inch by painstaking inch. Pg… 66 LIFE Special: Was he the son of God ? A myth? A martyr? A host of experts provide some unexpected answers to the age–old question: Who was Jesus? Pg… 87 Discovery: Scientists are going to the ends of the earth to investigate an eerie fire in the sky–the splendid mystery of the Northern lights. Pg… 92 Face to Face: One she was just a lonely kid who loved the movies. Now, Winona Rider is the only actress of her generation whose name is reason enough to make one Pg… 104 And American Place: There is a farm in Wisconsin where 400,000 Christmas trees are harvested each year. One of them just might be yours Pg… 107 How Things Work: It takes an arsenal of equipment and a designer’s guide to make and model sandwich look good enough to eat Pg… 110 Sites Unseen: The secrets of the modern age lie hidden deep within America’s heartland. Pg… 112 On The Job: This man plots to scare kids out of their wits–and they can’t get enough of it. Pg… 115 Pictures to the Editor: Pg… 116 Just One More. : Cover: Christ Blessing the People (Joos Von Cleve, early 16th century)

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