LIFE Magazine December 22, 1961

LIFE Magazine December 22, 1961 Our Splendid Outdoors Special Issue


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Pg… 22 WILD CREATURES: Eighteen Color Pages Portray America’s Birds, Beasts and Fish Pg… 50 IT’S GREAT OUTSIDE: Sailors, Skiers, Fish Watchers All Make the Most of It Pg… 69 WATER: A Land that has Plenty, but not Enough, Feels a Hugh Thirst Pg… 87 ENCHANTED BACKYARD: A Small Boy Discovers Nature at His Doorstep Pg… 94 QUEST FOR TROUT: A Famous Fisherman Explains “The Pursuit of Madmen” Pg… 103 NATURALISTS: A New American Elite is Heir to a Great Tradition Pg… 112 MAN AND NATURE: Joseph Wood Krutch Describes a Source of Fear and Joy Pg… 126 BITTER BATTLES: Fights Rage Everywhere Over Lakes, Swamps, Dunes, Roads, Elk Pg… 138 WILDERNESS: Americans Share the Wonders of a Soul–Stirring World Pg… 159 BALANCE OF NATURE: A Panorama of the Plains Shows How Man Abused the Land Pg… 169 PASSENGER PIGEON: Once there were Billions, Now there is None

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